MIROSLAV Mens Underwear

Quality Best Appreciated Up Close.                                                                      MIROSLAV underwear plays with classic cuts and superior cottons to produce luxury men's underwear.  Borne out of a desire for men's underwear that looked and felt as good as his girlfriend's, the founder, "Miro", went out and bought his own underwear sewing machines.  Stemming from his modest upbringing in northern Czechoslovakia, Miro was determined to bring quality materials back to men's underwear after the deluge of branding & fast fashion that he had seen in the past decade.

Using the world's finest natural cotton, imported from Japan, Miro developed his first range.

As word spread about his venture, MIROSLAV underwear was in demand and Miro spent his



time racing around town delivering a quality product with a quality message!  In time the MIROSLAV logo, the Czechoslovakian wolfdog, was born, representing his own origins and the origin of the brand.

MIROSLAV underwear takes quality very seriously, but it doesn't mean that it communicates it that way.  In 2011, MIROSLAV underwear released its new range with a humurous advertising campaign. MIROSLAV continues to gain a reputation for quality and originality with its designs and fabrics.

To best appreciate the quality, you have to get up close.  Take a closer look here.


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